My name is Amanda Hugenkiss! Prior to my becoming what I am today, I was a fairy godparent. I know, it must sound like I am crazy. But it's real. I lived in a place called Fairy World and watched over my husband and my god-child. Our days were filled with granting every wish that my human child could think of. He had everything that he ever wanted. Until the day the darkness came. Up until this point, Fairy World was a glamorous place to live. There had been political quarrels with the pixies in the neighboring land, but nothing as brutal as the days ahead. They said that it was because we got to have all the fun and come and go on earth as much as we wanted. But it was really because we got to grant wishes and bring happiness. Something that they could never do.

I will never forget the day. I was sleeping in my fish bowl and awoke to this large crash. I thought it was just my husband being clumsy. I looked outside expecting to see the sun, but it was red. It was awful. The details of what exactly happened that day are very sketchy. All that I know was that when I woke up, I was wingless! As my husband's eternal light was fading he promised to always watch over me and protect me. He gave the last bit of life that he had. From that day forward, I live each day to the fullest. Even though, my human god-child is now grown and doesn't remember anything of my husband or I, I still watch from afar.

Since the tragic day, that turned me from being immortal to mortal, I am fulfilling my longing to be educated. Of course, being a fairy, one attends the Fairy University, etiquette classes and do's and don't's with a magic wand, but I felt my ability to change the world and make people happy could be put to good use. I am studying to become a foreign diplomat. This world could use a little style and grace.