My Beer experiment consisted of 15 random beers ranging in different alcohol content
being put into a freezer with a temp of -3C. The beers did range in color and consistency.
I did one trial based on the beer was refrigerated and then pored into the ice tray and in 5
minute intervals recorded to see if the beer cube was frozen. The second trial was that
that the beer was then left out to a room temp of 68 degrees and then put into the tray and
then recorded the time to freeze. My hypothesis was that the higher alcohol content beers
would have a lower freezing point. The correlation coefficient r in my experiment was
r=0.2185. This is a weak relationship. I would consider 0.6 and above a strong
relationship. Originally I thought temperature would be a constant but I realize now it is
not because every time I opened the freezer door it changed the temp inside the freezer.
The beer that was refrigerated and then to room temp did take longer to achieve the state
of “frozen”. I used a non-alcoholic beer as a control. My hypothesis was correct because
the higher alcoholic beers did take longer to achieve the state of frozen. This was a fun
experiment to do.

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