I wanted to do something fun and not related to my profession of nursing. We do so much data collecting on a daily basis based on patient flow that I wanted to step out of that realm for awhile. I enjoy having a cold beer sometimes with friends and watching my Red Soxs or Patriots on TV or out. My proposal is to find out the freezing time of different beers. I would use a 10 piece ice tray and I would pour 10 different beers in each slot. I would use a variety of different beers ranging from light beers to meduim pale to dark foreign beers. I would record the time in intervals in which the beer would freeze or not. I would label each section of the ice tray with the corresponding beer recording the time and if there was any freezing going on. The variables would be time and temperature. I could categorize each beer based on light-medium-dark

Which Beer Will Freeze the Quickest?

PURPOSE: The purpose of this experiment was to find out which beer would freeze the quickest.

HYPOTHESIS: My hypothesis is that the lower alchol beers will freeze the quickest

CarleenG Data Table