This is the biometrika from Spring 2009. Do not try to join this one.

Updated 4-12:

Make your posts off the Research Project>Your proposal page

See my Research Projects>DanL example. Note: I've linked it back to the work I did last semester.


According to my Semester overview, you're supposed to make this Biometrika Post this week. I'm going to back-pedal a bit and give you through the end of Week 8 to make this Initial Proposal post. You can include it as one of your two required posts for the week you make it. Coming up with your own two quantitative variables that you can actually measure has proven to be difficult for some people (take a look at the two previous volumes of this course's biometrika and you'll see what I mean. With that said, some people have done some great work.

Here is the assignment:

I reread Chapter 2 in LTT and it struck me that having you write "articles" about data you collected would be a nice Authentic Learning/Assessment activity. So what follows will be a self published journal of data and analysis of your data you collected. Here is a repeat of the First Assignment:

Think of two pairs of quantitative variables whose relationship you might be interested in studying. (Remember that a quantitative variable is any characteristic of a person or object that can assume a range of numerical values Be very specific in describing these variables; identify the observational units as well as the variables.

Your final published article will involve creating and performing your own experiment. It must involve measurable quantitative bivariate data with some EXPECTED relationship. You should have at least 30 data pairs (only with permission may you have less). You must MEASURE THE DATA YOURSELF. In other words, you may not get it from a book, the Internet, a printed list, or by asking someone else, etc. Try NOT to pick a “perfect” scientific relationship.

In the past students have done such crazy things as:

  • How long it takes x numbers of chocolate chips to melt link.
  • How many days past the full moon vs number of student incidents in a classroom link
Please do something you are interested in. Of course, since you only have two quantitative variables in this experiment, it will be limited.

For this first assignment: Write just enough so someone else can clearly understand what you are thinking of doing without having to ask you to explain it:
• What is the research question? Be very specific about exactly what your are going to measure. What is the case? What are the two variables?
• Try to be specific about where and how you are going to measure it (remember the word replicable). Of course this is a short assignment, so do what you can.
• State what type of relationship you expect between the variables and why.
Here is the start page for this project Research Projects

We'll begin collecting data after next week. You'll have a few weeks to gather the data.

Welcome to our version of Biometrika.

For Week 2, once you register with wikispaces and join this space, Click on the Quthor List link at the left and find your name and post as fantastic a bio as you desire. See my DanielL example.

This assignment is just to get you set up so we are ready to publish during week's 7 - 8 (I think, I have to double check the Course Overview)